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Oga, to survive the COVID-19, let's take and list free of charge your products and services online or get you served safely fast.

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About Us

We're a Pan African, all-in-one cooperative platfom that lets vetted transporters, businesses or service providers list their products and services, locations and prices online for free and allow users to book or order nearest of them with delivery, quality and payment guarantee.

As a user, you've quickest & most reliable access to your everyday need such as boda ride, package or cargo delivery, food, medication, drinks, essentials & other on-demand services without compromising on safety and affordability.

From the comfort of your location, you can book emergency ambulance, send percel or cargo, order groceries, connect to trained & qualified drivers, delivery persons and service providers like Healthcare Specialists, Cleaners, Beauticians, Tutors, Plumbers, Freelancers, etc. who go through Ogaget Academy, government regulation, industry accreditation and licensing.

Ogaget ensures access to trusted community of partners pooled to eliminate accidents, chaos in unregulated markets, frustrations with delays, inflated costs, exploitation, poor quality, cheats, quakes, middlemen and no 'value for money' experience.

With Ogaget, in this Covid-19, you can keep your businesses open, cut costs by hiring only when needed, reach more, and say goodbye to having multiple individual ondemand Apps on your phone.

Download any of our Apps to either take your business products and services online or start enjoying safe access to everyday need. With OGAGET Apps, just call it done!

Services We Offer

Multi-service platform

Our platform lets vetted, trusted emergency transporters, bodas, restaurants, pharmacies, shops, market vendors and service providers list their products and services online by location, price, for fee and allow users to order and rate the them.

Quality Assurance

We build, vet & verify competence of our partners. Our inbuilt systems assure quality of services and products while guaranteeing mutual benefits to cooperating members.

Training & Capacity

Ogaget academy trains and builds capacity of partners to stay professional, accountable and safe. Call us for First Aid, Emergency Training, Caregivers Training, Customer care, Business Management & many more.

Lease tools & Equipment on loan

Our lease options enable provider partners acquire startup or growth tools & equipment such as motorbikes, mowing machines, phones, kits on loan and build business profile through sales data for easy access to credit.

Trade assurance

In Africa's largely unregulated informal sector, we guarante quality, delivery and payment. Ogaget's trade assurance by standing in between parties.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution and arbitration systems help communuty avoid resorting to costly court processes.

On fleet or in-app Ads

Oga Ads allows you to place adverts on our fleet or in app.

User App

In emergency situation or too busy/late for anything? Ogaget let's you order vetted nearby products and services safely fast. With ogaget, you have immediate access to your favorite nearest emergency transport, pickup, shops, restaurants, clinic, food markets and qualified service providers in a single app./p>

Like never before, you can book ambulances, hail rides (Boda or Taxi), get your packages delivered, order food, drinks, medicine, groceries, flowers etc. while enjoying unlimited access to trusted verified pool of service providers like Freelancers, Cleaners, Mechanics , Breakdown, Repairers, Beauticians, Tutors, Pest control, Electricians, Plumbers, Massage Specialists, Agri extension workers and many more, all at one go.

As a user you can become a seller, reach more, enjoy payment guarantees while earning more with less effort. Simply download any of the partner apps:

Driver App

Are you a driver or owner of an Ambulance, Motorbike, Pickup, Truck, Low bed, Crane and other fleets with very few customers? Ogaget Driver App lets take your transport business online and you position your fleet on our network to start easily get ride and parcel or cargo delivery orders.

With Driver App, you've an effortless system to manage emergency ride & delivery booking from users. Become more visible and work when you want.

As Ogaget delivery partner, you won't only earn money from every store order. You're assured of payment and personal security while in service.

Join Ogaget's trusted community, enjoy group negotiated benefits like insurance, fuel, loan, lease and cooperative rewards.

Store App

What do you sell? Ogaget Store App let's stores, restaurants, pharmacies, drug shop, wholesalers, retailer, bars, deports, supermarket, Gas station, flower shop, groceries, etc list their products online for free, beat competition and earn more by delivering to millions online.

Ogaget store App also allows entrepreneurs to start online business without physical stock and storage space. Install the store app, list products you want to sell and start accepting orders goods to be sourced from other stores without upfront investment in software and marketing.

Provider App

Are you a skilled, professional expert yet unemployed or earning less? Boost your earnings by listing your services, skills, and location online for free and start working at your convenience. Become more visible, reach millions and spend less on marketing by using Ogaget's trusted platform.

With the Ogaget provider App, you can offer more than 20+ services such as Health care, Cleaning, Training, Agric-Extension, Construction, Business consultancy, Gardening, Pest control & fumigation, Massage & spa, Security, Maid services, Legal services, Laundry service, Electrician, Beautician, Training, Tutoring, Auto services, Car wash, Plumber and more.

With Ogaget provider App, you've access to tools to manage your business and to generate sales data to secure loans.

As a service provider, use Ogaget app to hire other services and cut cost of maintaining unutilized assests.

Call To Action

If you have any queries regarding our services; We're here to help and answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

More Features

Social Login

A user/driver can login or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google or through Email.

Select Vehicle

A driver select vehicle like bike, car, helicopter, boat or truck with the services they want to offers.

Manage order Request

A driver/provider can view or manage the new order request with full details, and they have an option to accept or reject it.

Map Navigation

If the driver/provider can not find the user address, they can use the map navigation within the app.


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