1. What are the requirements for registration?

For customers, you don't need anything to register.

For service providers, store partners and transporters, you need:

1. National ID or 

2. License

3. Drivers License

4. Certificates

Which App can I download?

For all booking and ordering, download Ogaget

For Service Providers, download Ogaget Provider

For transporters, boda-bodas, ambulances and delivery persons, download Ogaget Drivers

For Resturants, Pharmacies, Stores, Shops and Gas Deliveries, download Ogaget Store.

How do I signup?

Download any of the Ogaget Apps by clicking on the playstore or appstore icons. Alternatively, visit playstore or appstore and search for Ogaget

Who can use Ogaget Apps?

It available for all Android and iOS device users.

What can I use Ogaget for?

The at-form can now be used to among others be used to, hail ambulances nationally, (Oga-Ambulance), hail boda and Cab (Oga-Ride), order and have food delivered (Oga-Food), purchase and refill Gas (Oga-Gas), call mechanics (Oga-Car Repair), get pick and drop laundry services(Oga-Laundry), order and get drinks delivered (Oga-Liqour), get flowers delivered for different(Oga-Flowers), get personalized massage delivered to your home ( Oga-Massage), get express pickup and delivery of parcel, cargo , light goods, documents with boda (Oga-Courier/Express),  get AC Repair service (Oga-Ac Repair), quickly get breakdown or towing services (Oga-Breakdown), etc here in the city of Uganda