Sub Saharan Africa continues to grapple with problems of youth unemployment, disease burden, hunger, poverty, high emergency mortality and morbidity rates, dependence on aid, high cost of doing business, inadequate standardization and regulation in transportation and logistics industry, traffic congestion, pollution, etc.

These challenges not only pose a socio-economic burden for many African countries but are a bottleneck to realization of Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063 of the AU.

Strengthening Africa’s processes and systems to quickly deliver more jobs, better health, feed her people, boost economic activities, etc is what Ogaget seeks to achieve.

This platform is intended to address the current state of inaccessibility by assisting with fastest, safest and convenient access to localised transport, fast local food, transportation, goods, services, logistics, energy, and financial services within budget of user at one go and to address the challenges lack of coordination, exploitation, low capacity, unprofessional and inadequate technical infrastructure in most African emerging countries.